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Production and sale program

  • Filters, filter cartridges, baskets, filter bags, coils for any type of gas and liquids
  • Simplex and duplex filtration systems, in stainless and carbon steels
  • Cartridge Filters in line, 90° flanged, vertical, Stainless steel cabinets for gas
    pressure reduction units and accessories
  • Traditional and microprocessor digital instrumentation: thermometers, thermo-controls with gauges, amperometers, voltmeters, ohm-meters, manometers, frequency-meters, r.p.m. counters
  • Range counters, electromagnetic impulse counters, mechanical counters, electronic
    counters totalizing and predetermining counters, stroke counters, revolution
  • Inductive and capacitive proximity switches (Namur d.c. –a.c.), and power supplier
    with relay
  • Incremental and absolute rotating Encoder
  • Magnetic sensors, photoelectric proximity switches
  • Temperature probes, resistance thermometers (RTD) and thermocouples also in special execution design and certified
  • Capacitive level gauges also in ExD flame/explosion proof
  • Weighing and backing systems for industrial products with compression load cells, tension load cells, off-center load cells, universal load cells with digital weight
    indicator and predeterminators, show-boards with big digits, printers, data
  • Volumetric gears pumps and centrifugal pumps for all industrial liquids
  • Volumetric rotary piston meters for all industrial liquids, also with electrical pulse
  • Water meters with turbine also with electrical pulse generator
  • Safety electrical equipment and flame-explosion proof accessories (Exd)
  • Motors and d.c. powered gear-box up to 500 Watt also with electronic control
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